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Hollywood mug shot: Rip Torn breaks the bank

February 1, 2010 | 12:40 pm

I was innocently watching the Grammys last night, trying to figure out exactly what colorful epithets Lil Wayne was using on "Drop the World," since CBS bleeped out whole passages of the rapper's song, apparently living in fear that Focus on the Family would pull their lucrative Super Bowl anti-abortion ad if the network allowed us to hear any profanity, when I got an e-mail from a friend with far more pressing news. Had I heard what happened to Rip Torn?

It turns out, as the New York Post recounted Monday, that Torn was arrested over the weekend after allegedly breaking into a bank with a loaded gun. After an alarm went off, police found a "highly intoxicated" Torn lying on the floor of the bank, believing that he (how's this for a good cover story?) was in his own home. (In fairness to Torn, the Salisbury, Conn., bank is in the same building where Torn lives.) 

It was the "30 Rock" actor's third alcohol-related arrest in recent years, my personal favorite being the time he was nabbed by Salisbury cops in December 2008 after being spotted driving his 1994 Subaru in the emergency lane -- with a Christmas tree strapped to the roof. Torn is being held on $100,000 bail after being charged with a variety of offenses, including first-degree burglary and carrying a firearm while under the influence.  

Since Lil Wayne is being sentenced later this month on a firearms charge himself -- he's expected to serve a year or so in prison -- is it too much too hope that Torn and Lil Wayne could end up in the same joint serving some time? I mean, these guys could make a helluva great team. If CBS were really on the ball, when Lil Wayne and Torn get out of the slammer, they should get the fellas together. Does this sound like great sitcom material or what?

Photo: Rip Torn. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times