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Better late than never: 'Green Zone' trailer arrives

October 27, 2009 |  2:14 pm

Damon The long-awaited trailer for Paul Greengrass' long-delayed "Green Zone" has finally hit the Web. The action thriller, due out next spring, stars Matt Damon as a CIA operative trying to get to the bottom of the mess in Iraq. So far, the Web buzz has largely focused on how much the trailer looks like -- ahem -- a "Bourne Identity" knock off (not surprising, since Damon and Greengrass teamed up for two of the three films in the series.)

But let's get to the important stuff. After having to endure a series of Hollywood films in which journalists are total losers and scuzzballs (or in the case of Russell Crowe's swaggering investigative reporter in "State of Play" a chubby scuzzball), finally we get a movie that makes journalists look like real pros. In the "Green Zone" trailer, when Damon tries to wheedle the identity of a source out of crack Wall Street Journal foreign correspondent Lawrie Dayne -- played by the estimable Amy Ryan -- Dayne gives him the old 10th Avenue freeze-out, frostily replying, "I'm not discussing sources."

Amazing, isn't it? A no-nonsense reporter in a Hollywood movie. Wonders will never cease. Watch for yourself:

Photo: Matt Damon in "Green Zone." Credit: Jasin Boland / Universal Pictures.