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Stargazing in a Hollywood free zone

August 19, 2009 |  6:11 pm

When I go stargazing, I don't go looking for Megan Fox, I go up to the mountains where the air is crisp, the city lights are far away and you can see stars--real stars, like the ones in the Pleiades, the Wild Duck cluster and the Lagoon Nebula, which are all up high in the summer sky. There's a new moon, so if you're up at 7,000 feet, the sky is dark and very clear--perfect seeing conditions as they say in the astronomy trade.

I'll be checking out the deep sky sights for a few days with the family, so my colleagues will be manning the blog, offering a variety of news and insights from some of our other blogs. When I get back, we'll be gearing up for a trip to Toronto and the launch of the fall movie season. So stay tuned!