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Facebook's S-1 already has a (fake) Twitter account

February 1, 2012 |  6:00 pm

Facebook's S-1's Twitter feed wasn't born yesterday -- it was born today

Just moments after Facebook filed its long awaited S-1 on Wednesday afternoon, the S-1 itself got its own Twitter feed.

"Hey, I'm new here," it began, simply enough. And shortly thereafter, it tweeted, "Hey! Anything interesting happen today? LOL!!!"

No clever names for this silly feed -- just the straightforward @FacebooksS1. It's profile says it was born on February 1, 2012, and lists its location as Menlo Park, CA.

Can't argue with that!

Facebook's S-1's self-assigned task seems to be responding to any online remarks it can find about itself, which in the initial crunch immediately following the filing came mostly from the tech media.

When Alexia Totsis of TechCrunch tweeted "This Facebook S-1 is like an animal carcass and us bloggers are like a pack of rabid wolves," Facebook's S-1 responded: "Animal carcass?! WTH? I work out."

And when New York Times tech reporter Jenna Worthman tweeted, "curious: Facebook is alternately capitalized and written in lower-case throughout the filing." Facebook's S-1 shot back: "I like to keep it edgy."

Of course it took just about, oh, a couple of hours or so, for everything to start getting meta.

Just before 5 p.m. Pacific time, Josie Mora (@uncouthgormand) tweeted that she would be printing the Facebook SEC S-1 report, which she expected would be a fascinating read. Her friend @KrisDub wanted to know if Facebook's S-1 would be cool with her looking at its private parts.

Facebook's S-1 didn't miss a beat. "Whoa, ladies," it tweeted. "This is a G-Rated filing here. Except for the value of Zuck's shares. That's just obscene."


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-- Deborah Netburn

Image: A screen grab of Facebook S-1's twitter feed.