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Viola performance interrupted by Nokia ringtone [video]

January 23, 2012 | 12:50 pm
Violist Lukáš Kmiť responds when his performance is interrupted by a Nokia ringtone.

Imagine you are violist Lukáš Kmiť, performing a solo viola concert at an ornate synagogue in Presov, Slovakia--filling the room with your music, taking your audience on an emotional journey, when all of a sudden....

Doo dee doo doo, doo dee doo doo, doo deee doo, doo doo.

A Nokia cellphone starts ringing in the middle of the concert. Arghhhh!

What do you do? Stomp off the stage? Put down your instrument and wait for the offending sound to end? Berrate your audience for rudeness, inconsiderateness, and the ruining of a performance they presumably paid to attend?

Well, you could. Or you could simply choose to play the ringtone tune right back at the audience.

Vuhm vuhm vuhm vuhmmm, vuhm vuhm vuhm vuhmmm, vuhm vuhm vuhm vuhm vuhmmm.

Then kind of riff on it.

And that is exactly what Kmiť did. Video of the performance and the interruption is available on YouTube so you can see it for yourself. It's already logged 1.23 million views.

One note: Do not even think about trying this at the next conference you attend to see if the performer will have a similar sense of humor. If you watch the video carefully you can see that while Kmiť did intend the playing of the familiar cellphone tune as a joke, it was a joke born out of frustration and annoyance.

He's not smiling. He's angry.



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--Deborah Netburn

Image: Screen grab from a YouTube video of Lukáš Kmiť playing the Nokia cellphone ring at a concert in Slovakia.