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A Slayer Christmas? Metalheads rejoice!

December 16, 2011 |  9:03 pm


Just when you thought the Christmas Light show videos on YouTube couldn't "wow" you anymore, along comes this gem from a geeked-out metalhead set to Slayer's "South of Heaven."

The video was made by a guy we only know as lacycute20. (The YouTube channel used belong to the metalhead's daughter, but she handed it over to Dad to showcase his metal light shows.) He's also done light shows to songs by Pantera and Machinehead and some other Slayer songs. But it's the "South of Heaven" show that is currently gaining traction on YouTube, racking up more than 715,000 page views in less than three weeks.

It's not just the unexpected music choice that sets lacycute20's light shows apart -- it's also the visuals. He's got a sinister-looking singing snowman, shooting stars, floodlights and two neon hands throwing the sign of the devil flanking the front door of his house.

Even if the metal holiday light show isn't your thing, you've got to respect the dedication of all these guys who create elaborate home light shows and put their videos up on YouTube. Earlier this year the guy behind an extravagant Halloween light show that went viral on YouTube said it takes him 15 hours to program one minute of music.

That's dedication to the holidays, man.


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