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Band's video of life-size Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja goes viral

December 13, 2011 |  3:18 pm


What do popular iPhone games have to do with a little-known indie pop band that hails from Brisbane, Australia?

Well ... nothing. But that didn't stop the band Hey Geronimo from conceiving, and then actually making, a music video for their single "Why Don't We Do Something?" that incorporates real-life versions  of Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and Flight Control.

It's neat. It's funny. Cats are involved, and so are dogs in costumes. And it's gotten the band worldwide attention on YouTube ,where their goof-ball video has received more than 650,000 views in just two weeks.

Of course, just because a video is goofy, doesn't mean it was easy to make.

Pete Kilroy, lead singer of Hey Geronimo and the producer of the video, said the band spent six months working on and off to make the video. "Making films with no money = hard yakka!" he wrote in an email.

He also said he thought the Plants Vs. Zombies part was the most fun to make, "Until one of the sunflowers fainted... (It was 100 degrees!)"

The best parts to watch, in our opinion, are the all too brief Angry Birds scenes in which members of the band, dressed in full Angry Bird costumes, jump on a trampoline and then hurl themselves into a life-size replica of the elaborate structures in the game.

Kilroy said he and his crew built the set out of "Lots and lots of polystyrene," and added that he is "on a first-name basis with Dorris and Meryl down at the box factory now."



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Photo: The Brisbane, Australia-based band Hey Geronimo has made a music video that riffs off of popular iPhone games. Credit: Hey Geronimo