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Apple design chief Jonathan Ive to carry on Jobs' creative vision

October 6, 2011 |  5:16 pm


Apple design chief Jonathan Ive may not be the brand name that Steve Jobs was.

But the future of Apple will largely depend on his ability to continue to deliver gadgets that consumers must have.

Ive helped design the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, and he had such a close working relationship with Jobs that some joked they shared a brain.

A longtime Apple analyst told me last month that Ive's industrial design eye is so keen, it's "even better than Steve Jobs'." 

The 44-year-old British-born designer known to his friends as Jony is by all accounts a soft-spoken, self-effacing craftsman intensely driven not by money or glory (although he has plenty of both) but by the obsessive desire to create products that are meaningful to people. Former colleagues refer to the ability of a product to tap into people's emotions as "having Jony-ness."

Read more about Ive here.


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 -- Jessica Guynn

Photo: Steve Jobs talks about designer Jonathan "Jony" Ive at a 2008 meeting in Cupertino, Calif.  Photo credit: Paul Sakuma / Associated Press