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Apple iPhone 5: 250 million iOS devices sold, Mac sales up too

October 4, 2011 | 10:36 am

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Apple Chief Execuitve Tim Cook offered up some sales data for Apple products on Tuesday at the company's Let's Talk iPhone event after his intro.

Cook said Mac OS X lion has been adopted quickly as people have taken to downloading the new OS -- which isn't available on DVD disc as are previous versions of OS X.

The new CEO also said that Mac laptop growth has outgrown the PC market by almost six times. That's growth rates, not total sales, but the point is made -- Macs are growing faster than PCs.

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Cook then turned his focus to music, iTunes and Apple's iPod, which made its debut 10 years ago and "revolutionized" the music industry, Cook says.

Apple has sold 45 million iPods in the last year and more than 16 billion songs have been "downloaded" from iTunes, he said, adding that "we're very happy with the music business."

Of course, Cook can't talk sales without mentioning Apple's best-selling item -- the iPhone.

Cook said the iPhone 4 has sold more than half of all the iPhones the company has sold in its history, making it the best-selling iPhone thus far. He noted that the iPhone is growing faster than the smartphone industry overall.

The iPhone is "pummeling the competition," Cook said. It should be noted that while Apple's iPhone beats any other individual device in sales, Google's Android is still far and away the most widely used mobile operating system.

After the iPhone came the iPad, and that's where Cook went too in his remarks, stating that every state in the U.S. has an iPad pilot program for schools and airplane pilot use of iPads makes airplanes more efficient, getting a laugh from the crowd. He stated that 80% of hospitals are testing iPads too.

Apple has passed 250 million sales of iOS devices -- that's iPod touches, iPhones and iPads, Cook noted, getting a round of applause from the non-media portion of those in attendance.

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-- Nathan Olivarez-Giles and David Sarno

Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Tuesday. Credit: Robert Galbraith / Reuters