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Libyan rebels use mini-drones in march on Tripoli [Video]

August 23, 2011 |  1:19 pm


To help aid in its victorious raid on Tripoli, Libyan rebels used small drones to gather intelligence on Col. Moammar Kadafi’s forces, according to a Canadian drone maker.

Aeryon Labs Inc., based in Waterloo, Ontario, issued a news release that said the Transitional National Council, a formal name of the Libyan rebel force, has been using a hovering mini-robotic aircraft day and night to determine the locations of enemy troops and artillery positions.

The disclosure is the latest example of how drones are transforming modern warfare.

Aeryon Labs offers this description of the robotic aircraft:

The Aeryon Scout is a small, easy-to-fly man-packable flying robotic reconnaissance system design for operation in real-world, harsh conditions. It weighs just 3 pounds, packs into a suitcase or a backpack and can be quickly and easily deployed and operated by soldiers in the field. Instead of using joysticks, the Scout uses a map-based, touch-screen interface that allows new users to pilot the system in just minutes. The Scout essentially flies itself allowing the operator to focus on acquiring imagery.

The company said it “immediately” delivered the drone “to those fighting at the front” by a Canadian security company called Zariba Security Corp., which also trained the rebels on how to use it.

See the video above for an idea of the drone’s capabilities and its appearance. (Remember *batteries not included?)

Aeryon Labs has also posted a photo gallery on the operations in Libya.


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-- W.J. Hennigan

Photo: A drone aircraft that Aeryon Labs Inc. says was used in recently in comabt in Libya. Credit: Aeryon Labs Inc.