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Google+: Will the real Steve Jobs please stand up?

July 27, 2011 |  2:01 pm

Real or fake Steve Jobs on Goolge+?

Steve Jobs has a Google+ account, and apparently, he's up for sharing some personal quirks.

"I'm looking for a fixer-upper with a solid foundation," Jobs writes in the "about me" section. "Am willing to tear down walls, build bridges, and light fires. I have great experience, lots of energy, a bit of that 'vision thing' and I'm not afraid to start from the beginning."

On Monday, Jobs posted his one -- and only -- comment: "We are working on something you've been expecting for years."

If you have doubts that the real Jobs -- the black turtleneck-wearing head of Apple -- likes to light fires in his spare time, you're in good company. The profile sparked a flurry of speculation in the blogosphere about whether the Apple Jobs really took time to pen something that sounds like the self description from a conceited Paul Bunyan in the market for a new home.

But the profile does highlight some hiccups at Google's fledgling social network. Since launching a few weeks ago, Google+ has garnered more than 10 million users -- about the population of Portugal -- and caught flack for a policy that outlaws businesses from joining (for now) and requires individuals to use their real names instead of pseudonyms or nicknames. Violators get their accounts suspended.

The outcry over that policy prompted Bradley Horowitz, vice president of product for Google+, to admit in a blog post that many violations of the name policy were "well-intentioned and inadvertent" and that the process "can be frustrating and disappointing."

"So we're currently making a number of improvements to this process -- specifically regarding how we notify these users that they're not in compliance with Google+ policies and how we communicate the remedies available to them," Horowitz wrote.

One can imagine the Google+ Jobs -- who counts Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page among his circle -- getting a notification soon to prove his identity.

Maybe he can mail Google a black turtleneck.


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-- Shan Li

Photo: Screen shot of a Google+ profile registered under the name Steve Jobs. Credit: Google