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Taiwanese animators create Fake Apple Store reenactment

July 22, 2011 | 11:21 am


Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese computer animation studio that brought you the reenactment of the Tiger Woods scandal, has just released a new video that illustrates the viral news story of the week: The fake Apple Stores that have suddenly popped up in China.

On Tuesday, a young American blogger living in China posted a story on her website, Bird Abroad, about  what looked like a real Apple Store in Kunming, China, but turned out to be a fake. (Although it did appear to sell real products).

News organizations around the world (including the L.A. Times) jumped on the story and ran with it. But who could have imagined that the NMA gang would find this reenactment worthy?

Well, we're so glad they did. Highlights of the video include:

1. Steve Jobs wearing what looks like a Darth Vader helmet and making magic and money at an Apple conference.

2. A fat and clearly evil Chinese businessman turning the Apple logo into gold.

3. The young American blogger in a short-sleeved hoodie and shorts uncovering the truth behind the phony storefront -- like a real-life Nancy Drew!

The video concludes with this question: "If Apple's runaway success continues, what will the Chinese fake next?"

But what we really want to know is what story NMA will take on next.


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