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June 1, 2011 |  2:33 pm

CHARGING Recargo 1.5 is an app for electric vehicles looking for charging stations in a market already stuffed with similar apps.

But this one, it would seem, has a few advantages.

It was developed by Venice resident Brian Kariger, 40, who owns a Tesla Roadster, a Nissan Leaf and a biodiesel-powered Volkswagen Touareg. He’s also the brain behind and the 20 million hits the site was getting when it passed hands to in 2008.

Recargo also has a real-time news feed, a comments section where drivers can warn one another about faulty chargers and a photo-sharing feature to pinpoint chargers tucked in dark corners of garages.

Maps of more than 1,000 stations worldwide compatible with cars such as the Leaf, the Roadster and the Chevrolet Volt come with Google Street Views.

Hundreds of users currently use Recargo, which was first launched as an app in December and has since doubled the amount of data it’s amassed, partly by working with The updated version will be offered for free to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users in Apple’s App Store.


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-- Tiffany Hsu

Photo: Recargo