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Bang & Olufsen's 85-inch 3-D TV sells for $85,000

May 13, 2011 |  1:42 pm


Bang & Olufsen's new 3-D TV has an 85-inch screen and a $85,000 price tag.

That comes out to about $1,000 per inch of display real estate for the high-end consumer electronics firm's BeoVision 4-85 plasma television, which Sound & Vision magazine described as an aspirational product.

"The massive, anodized aluminum–encased set -- all 359.6 pounds of it -- rests on a similarly massive motorized stand (the whole package weighs just north of a half ton), which raises and lowers the screen from a floorbound rest position and conceals an integrated BeoSound 10 center-channel speaker, which emerges gracefully from beneath the screen as the motor lifts the set to viewing height," Sound & Vision's Michael Berk wrote of the new TV.

"The actuators used have built-in sensors that automatically stop the stand from parking should they encounter an obstacle, preventing you from crushing an unwary guest's foot."

To see any 3-D images on screen, 3-D glasses that sell for $149 are needed, Berk said.

The picture displayed on plasma TVs tends to fade as the set ages, he said. But Bang & Olufsen has added what it calls an Automatic Colour Management system to offset the problem.

The system includes a "tiny camera-bearing robotic arm, concealed above the center of the screen" that "emerges every 100 hours of use to calibrate the device. No user input is required (though you can run the routine as often as you like)," Berk said.

The robotic calibration should allow the TV to attain a life of about 60,000 hours, he said.

While the TV is available to any consumer willing to drop $85,000, Bang & Olufsen won't sell the gigantic sets before its install team visits the location where the TV will end up, Berk said.

The B&O install team determines "the structural strength of your floor and walls; following the visit you'll go over a multi-page checklist with them detailing the installation options," he said.


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-- Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Photo: A Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4-85 plasma 3-D TV. Credit: Bang & Olufsen