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Worth watching: TED talk on language, media and 24/7 videorecording [Video]

March 11, 2011 |  3:24 pm

TED has released video of a talk from last week by MIT researcher Deb Roy called "The Birth of a Word." 

The discussion revolves around Roy installing 24 hour-a-day video cameras in every room in his house, with the idea of documenting every moment of his newborn son's life.

Rather than simply an excercise in gross Orwellianism, Roy treats the resultant trove of 90,000 hours of video -- which he calls "the largest home video collection in history" -- as a data set for research. The research can focus on many things -- the way a baby learns language, how families interact inside their homes, and everyday behavior and living patterns of many kinds.

The approach to mapping language to video can also be applied, Roy explains, to the explosive proliferation of online video and social media content -- a way to track the motion and development of cultural and political themes. 

It's about 20 minutes but well worth watching:


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-- David Sarno