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Google launches Instant Previews on its mobile website for Android and iOS devices [Video]

March 8, 2011 | 10:31 am

Google brought its Instant Preview feature from its desktop browser search results to its mobile website on Tuesday for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

But, while both desktop and mobile versions of Instant Previews will offer a thumbnail image of a website alongside the familiar text links, the mobile version will work a little differently.

Blog2 When searching on an Android (version 2.2 or newer) or iOS (4.0 or newer) smart phone or tablet computer, a magnifying-glass icon will now show up next to the text results.

If a user taps the magnifying glass icon with their finger, a gallery of snapshots of Web pages shows up and users can flip through them and tap on any page they want to visit.

The text link info is included below each thumbnail preview as well.

The desktop version of Instant Previews provides the thumbnail image on the same page as the search results when a user clicks on the magnifying glass icon -- keeping them on the same page rather than launching a new gallery of images.

Both offer a more visual way to evaluate search results. Brian Ngo, a software engineer with Google's mobile search team, said in a blog post announcing the new Android and iOS feature that the previews were available in 38 languages.


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