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Consumer Electronics Show: Robots, robots, everywhere!

January 7, 2011 |  9:00 am

Robot Though Skynet couldn't make it, there are cleaning robots, massage robots, even robots modeled after dinosaurs at the Robotics TechZone at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Japanese company Cyberdyne is showing off its Robot Suit HAL cyborg at the CES in Las Vegas. The suit senses nerve signals sent by the brain to muscles through the skin and directs the robotic covering to move along with the body.

The suit is able to help users walk, climb, hold and lift and could be used for physical training and rehabilitation as well as to support heavy labor and disaster rescue efforts. Iron Man is also likely interested.

Autom, the robotic weight-loss coach, was there. Vstone Co. has its walking humanoid robots, which can also fight and breakdance. DreamBots brought its palm-size WheeMe massager robot, which silently steers itself and presses using four small wheels.

There's also a slightly more prehistoric but more lifelike option: Pleo rb, the animatronic baby dinosaur that has "feelings." The robotic camarasaurus, which has been around since 2006, constantly developing new responses to his environment.

Each Pleo evolves differently, revealing a wide range of moods and emotions and adapting to its owner with a multitude of noises and motions. The robot is programmed to play tug of war, whimper to show fear, arch its back when stroked, nap and steer clear of table edges.

The price of this inquisitive companion: A cool $469.


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-- Tiffany Hsu