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CES: A glowing charger for the iPhone [Video]

January 5, 2011 | 10:22 am

The Visible Green Charger for the iPhone, shown Tuesday night at CES in Vegas, is a cool idea: It's "visible" because the cord lights up when current flows through it and "green" because it stops the flow of power to your phone when it's charged.

The cord is made with electroluminescent wire; as the current flows, light moves through the wire -- how quickly the light in the cord moves indicates how charged the device is. When the iPhone is 1% to 65% full, the light flows quickly; at 65% and above, it slows down; and when it's full, the device shuts off and the cord goes dark.

So many devices -- coffee makers and microwaves as well as set-top boxes -- draw power even when they're not being used. The same can happen when you plug the iPhone in to charge overnight: Even when the battery is full, it will continue to suck up energy.

Manufacturer Dexim claims its cord will cut down on energy costs with the automatic power cutoff. The company's website says "the Dexim Visible Green Charger will save you money, power and our world" -- maybe, maybe not, but it might just make you feel better about spending $40 for a phone charger.


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-- Tim French