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Consumer Electronics Show: Blue Microphone's New Yeti Pro and Mikey for Flip sound off

January 8, 2011 |  5:02 am

For those who have no desire to sound like T-Pain, Blue Microphones was showing off the latest in its Yeti series of plug-and-play high-quality microphones at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The mics are USB powered and allow the user to plug headphones directly into the microphone to monitor the audio recording in real time. There's a volume control and digital mute on the Yeti mic. It runs about $149 and is available right now.

New at CES this year is the professional version, Yeti Pro, which sports an analog XLR output so you can hook it up to your home studio or mixer. The Blue folks say it gives the highest digital resolution available — 24 bit / 192 k — comparable to four times CD quality. This one will be available in February for about $249.

Blue Microphone's Mikey for Flip Blue also had on display its new Mikey for Flip microphone. The Mikey is a popular line of USB mics that have previously only been compatible with Apple's iPods and iPhones (3GS and earlier).

The Mikey for Flip works, as the name suggests, with Cisco's popular Flip video cameras and will arrive in stores this spring for about $69.

The current Mikey for iPod/iPhone runs for about $79.

Hillary Money, a spokeswoman for Blue, gave The Times a bit of info about one on-the-way product not shown off at CES -- a Mikey that works with Apple's iPhone 4.

"For Mikey, we are working on a new one that will be compatible with iPhone 4 to come out this year," Money said.

The new Mikey for iPhone 4 will not merely be an update to the current Mikey, but a new digitally-based product, she said.

"It will be a separate Mikey," Money said. No other details on features were offered, but she did divulge that Blue is "looking into a few features that are possible with the digital interface."


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-- Michelle Maltais and Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Image: Mikey for Flip. Credit: Blue Microphones