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CES: Tech talk from around the Web

January 5, 2011 | 12:56 pm


There's no shortage of good content all around the Web about what's going on at CES, the world's largest consumer tech expo in Las Vegas this week.

Case for iPad 2 spotted at CES: Rumors of iPad 2 are nothing new, and images of cases for the much-discussed device have been floating around the Web. Well, Engadget is reporting, with a photo, that it just found one such intriguing case in the flesh at the Consumer Electronics Show, complete with a machined aluminum iPad 2 mock-up inside, at the Dexim booth. The case design involves a Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically sticks to the front cover for a laptop-style setup or a keyboard-free case.

A virtual pass to CES: Huffington Post has kindly compiled a list of live streams for those of us who can only press our faces against our screens to peer through the virtual window on all the fun in Vegas this week. They also included their own link to streaming on the site, which you can watch here

Remember me? With all the tablet and 3-D TV talk, it's easy to forget the already ubiquitous smart phone. ZDNet gives a shout-out to the "humble" smart phone, saying that it's silly to downplay these devices "given all of the moving parts." They offer a quick look at what they're expecting from Verizon, Motorola, AT&T and T-Mobile.

The tower ... the tower, Rapunzel! Speaking of cellular phones, CNet writes that start-up Peep Wireless Technology is seeking partners to adopt its mobile phone peer-to-peer mesh networking concept, which would act as miniature cell towers and repeaters on their own to transmit voice or data. Were it adopted, there'd be no need for carriers -- even the ones posing as palm and pine trees -- or cellphone bills.

A little 4G for AT&T: AT&T announced Wednesday that it was finally planning to come to the 4G party. The company said is was accelerating the build-up of its 4G network. USA Today reports that, along those lines, AT&T and partners will launch more than 20 new 4G smart phones by year-end.

Eyes on CES Unveiled: Tuesday night, select participants got an exclusive preview of some of the cooler offerings at the Consumer Electronics Show. Our team has blogged about much of what they saw. Here's what TUAW focused on, including the Withings blood pressure monitor, a new pico projector in WowWee's Cinemin line, some new offerings from Blue Microphones and iHome, and devices that turn your iPhone into a satellite communicator.

 -- Michelle Maltais

Photo: CES attendees check out Lenovo's new LePad tablet, which attaches to a keyboard to become a functional notebook computer. Credit: Myung Chun / Los Angeles Times