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Angry Birds Rio app to be released in March

January 29, 2011 |  4:08 pm

Angry birds rio

Angry Birds Rio?

Sure, you beat the pigs in the first edition of Angry Birds. Unafraid, you conquered the porkers in a spooky Halloween version of Angry Birds.

Then, despite the chilly weather, you turned your foes into bacon in a Christmas-themed Angry Birds.

Now, the birds (still angry) are headed south. Way south. Southern Hemisphere south. To Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The popular app is set for another update this March, game maker Rovio announced Friday. This time, as the trailer (below) dramatically details, the birds get kidnapped via helicopter and taken down to Rio.

Sure, they escape, but the battle has just begun. Their mission? Apparently to free two macaws named Blu and Jewel, who just happen to be the stars of Fox's new animated film “Rio,” which -- as colleague Dawn Chmielewski reported Friday -- opens in theaters April 15.

What’s that mean for you? Forty-five more levels of pig-crushing fun. The app will be released sometime in March.

Can’t wait that long? No problem. A Valentine’s Day edition of the game is apparently in the works too.


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-- Jimmy Orr