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Tumblr returning -- slowly

December 6, 2010 |  4:14 pm

Easy does it -- Tumblr is gradually coming back after a daylong hiatus had fans of the blogging network in a tizzy.

“The recovering database cluster is Tumblrdashonline and healthy,” according to a recent tweet from the Tumblr overlords. “We're incrementally opening up access to blogs while monitoring performance.”

Most users are now able to access their personal blogs and are elated that their posts weren’t lost.

Tumblr fans had taken to Twitter throughout the day, bemoaning its absence in a range of languages.

Most are now getting through to the dashboard, where all the posts from all the blogs they follow are strung together. But when some tried to click through, they ran into this error message:Tumblr

“Just a minute! Due to planned database maintenance, Tumblr is temporarily unavailable. We'll be back in just a few minutes. We're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.”

So close, and yet so far. 


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-- Tiffany Hsu