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Mystery missile still swirling around the Web

November 15, 2010 |  4:10 pm


Despite the Pentagon’s attempt to put the whole “mystery missile” situation to rest, it hasn’t stopped rampant speculation on the Web about what really happened.

The unexplained projectile, spotted just before sunset Nov. 8 by a Los Angeles news helicopter, set off a wave of speculation and conspiracy theories about an unexplained missile off the coast of Southern California that even the government didn't know about.

After two days, the Pentagon said the vapor plume was generated by an aircraft and not a missile.

But a week after all the hubbub, it hasn’t stopped the gossip.

It's a trending topic on Google. A quirky online news site is reporting a UFO spotting and a Russian news station featured an eccentric analyst who claimed aliens shot down the intercontinental ballistic missile.

Even "The Daily Show’s" Jon Stewart has had some fun with the whole ordeal.


Puzzling lack of answers to 'mystery missile'

Pentagon says no evidence vapor trail came from anything but an aircraft

-- W.J. Hennigan

Photo: A KCBS helicopter cameraman captured footage of a mysterious missile-like projectile on Nov. 8. Credit: KCBS-TV