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Gowalla goes to Disneyland with location-tracking service

November 18, 2010 |  2:09 pm

Going to Disneyland? Gowalla wants to come with. Space mountain.jpg

The social networking service, which broadcasts users' locations much like Foursquare or Facebook’s Places feature, announced a partnership with Walt Disney Co. on Thursday.

Even before the deal, visitors to Disney World in Florida created as much traffic on Gowalla as a medium-size city, Gowalla said in a blog post. Disney.jpg

Now, users at Disney theme parks in the U.S. can use the service to keep a running log of their experience on their smart phones. Each time they hop on a ride -- the Matterhorn bobsleds or the Haunted Mansion, for example -- they can check in to get a virtual stamp.

The parks currently have about 100 different stamp styles, designed by Gowalla and the Disney creative team, and will have an additional 100 by the end of the year. Small world.jpg

No word on what the fanatic collectors of traditional, physical Disney pins think of the new gambit.

Users can also design their own tours using Gowalla, including only rides for small children, for example. And they can share photos and recommendations with other Gowalla users.


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