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Robert Louis Stevenson celebrated in Google doodle Saturday

November 13, 2010 |  4:16 pm

Robert louis stevenson 2

Arrrrrr ye doing any Googling today? If so, you might notice Google’s got a new doodle up on its home page.  

Despite the look, the Google doodle doesn’t have anything to do with International Talk Like a Pirate Day. That glorious "holiday" is celebrated in September.

The pirate-themed doodle is all about the commemoration of Robert Louis Stevenson’s birthday. If the Scottish author known for "Treasure Island," "Kidnapped" and other classics were still alive today, he’d be 160 years old.

Some people might have thought the overflowing treasure chest in the graphic could be symbolic of the salary increases that Google employees are getting.

An internal e-mail from Google head honcho Eric Schmidt said his employees would each receive 10% raises this year –- not to mention $1,000 cash bonuses on the side (with Google picking up the taxes).

Well, not every Google employee is taking home a 10% bump. Some in the upper echelon will receive a 30% increase.

That’s good because these execs were making a base salary of only $500,000 last year. Now they’ll bring home a much more respectable $650,000, about one-third of the average salary of an NFL quarterback. Plus, they’re eligible for bonuses of up to 250% of their base pay.

And then there’s the poor sap who leaked Schmidt’s e-mail to the press. Instead of a raise, he or she reportedly got the boot.

The new image on Google’s home page isn’t unprecedented, of course. Every once in a while, Google changes it up. Some of our favorites include salutes to jazz great Dizzy Gillespie, Russian composer Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky and the video game Pac-Man.


Google employees get 10% raises

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 -- Jimmy Orr