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Amazon's new low-price Kindle raises stakes in e-reader wars

July 29, 2010 | 12:26 pm

Kindle with books - white-thumb With the price of Amazon's baseline Kindle's dropping to $139 today, the online retailer is throwing down the gauntlet in the e-reader wars.  A few months ago, when Apple's iPad debuted, the digerati wondered whether the faster, flashier, multi-function tablet would leave the Kindle looking like a relic.  But maybe it's not that simple, writes Jacket Copy blogger Carolyn Kellogg

"The real question may be whether consumers who want digital books want to read them on devices like the iPad, which serve many purposes, or on stand-alone e-reading devices," Kellogg writes.

(Read the whole post here.)

To be fair, however, I have heard tell of e-mail addicts using the Kindle as a BlackBerry.

-- David Sarno

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