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The top 5 iPhone accessories you haven't thought about buying

June 9, 2010 |  1:16 pm

The iPhone comes with everything you need: stereo headset, USB dock connector and power adapter, and a wonderful set of instructions.

All for $300 (plus a plan). But buying an iPhone without accessories is like going to a baseball game and not eating a hot dog, nachos and a soft serve: it's just not as awesome.


Retro phone The iRetrofone is a 1930s-style phone with a 21st century twist. Nothing about the price says 1930, however: At $195.00, the accessory inches close to the price of an iPhone itself. If you're up for the perfect anachronism for your high-tech Apple products, however, this is an accessory worth considering. Once the Retrofone2 iPhone is docked into the iRetrofone base, you can use the iRetrophone receiver as a functional phone. There is also a pink version of the base available. The only downside is that users must provide their own USB cable to charge their phone; placing it on the base doesn't automatically charge it. 

iPhone Sena wallet

Walletbook 3g red Often the most important factor to consider while wallet-shopping is "making a statement." This wallet doesn't boast any LV or Gucci lettering, but it may as well have Apples painted all over it. This small clutch can accommodate your iPhone, about six credit cards and some cash. The wallet has a small cut-out in the bottom to charge the phone, for speakers, and to attach a headset. Various colors of the wallet can be purchased for $49.99. 

Pogo stylus

In nearly every instance it's easier to use your fingers on the iPhone than to use some kind of stylus. Cold Black_Iso_HiRes weather is one exception. Trying to operate your iPhone while wearing gloves is an ordeal. But you can avoid exposing your fingers to the elements and still be fully iPhone functional by using a small pen-like pogo device to navigate the touchpad. The Pogo comes in a few different colors and with a travel clip that secures the stylus. It's available for $14.95.

PillowsiPhone pillows

Exhausted from talking on your iPhone? There's a pillow for that. In fact, there are up to five various brightly colored iPhone icon pillow designs on These handcrafted fleece pillows measure about 12' inches by 12 inches and are fluffed with polyester fiberfill. Each sells for $17.99.

iPhone G3 dangly earrings and cuff links Iphoneearring

Here's one cellphone you can hold close to your ear for hours without worrying about harmful radiation. The earrings sell for $22. According to the site, they are one-third inch wide, seven-eighths inch high and the Etsy cufflinks 1 details are done on fimo. For men, iPhone-inspired cuff links are offered for $22.

--Zohreen Adamjee