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AT&T on iPhone 4 ordering problems: 'No comment'

June 15, 2010 |  2:20 pm

Nearly half a day into the technical problems that have brought the iPhone ordering process largely to a halt, AT&T declined to offer any hint as to the origin of the problems.

"We have no comment," an AT&T spokesperson wrote in an e-mail.

The succinct reply came in answer to a query about the nature and cause of the problems, as well as when the company expected them to be resolved.

As of this writing, attempts to order a phone through the AT&T consumer website were still returning an error message noting that the system was temporarily unavailable "due to a system upgrade."

Apple has not returned a request for comment.

Gizmodo is citing readers who attempted to log in to their AT&T accounts, only to find the personal information of other consumers.

The phrase "pre order iphone 4" was second on Google's Hot Topics, a list of the most actively blogged, tweeted and reported stories on the Web.  It was behind Tiger Woods and ahead of "oil spill."

-- David Sarno