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SketchBook Pro sells 10,000 copies in iPad's first days

April 5, 2010 |  1:24 pm
"Dama Futurista" Credit: Francesco Salvati
Autodesk Inc. is one of the first app makers to release sales numbers for its iPad product.  The $7.99 SketchBook Pro app, currently No. 6 on the list of paid iPad apps, has sold 10,000 copies so far, according to the company.

SketchBook Prop is a sophisticated painting and drawing application that, in its iPad manifestation, allows users to create and color images with their fingers.

As with many apps designed (or redesigned) for the iPad, SketchBook Pro was the result of a mad dash by Autodesk developers that began in late January when Apple announced the iPad. The company left most sofware engineers little to work with, however, since they had no access to the device itself.

"One thing we knew for sure was you couldn’t just take a iPhone App, make it bigger and consider it done," said Chris Cheung, the SketchBook product manager. "So we actually had paper cutouts of iPads to start the design process — to imagine what holding one would be like and how you would really want to interact with the new device."

-- David Sarno