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Chrysler strikes technology deal with NASA

April 13, 2010 |  4:21 pm

Chrysler Group and NASA are teaming up on a three-year deal to share information on advanced technologies that the two organizations have in common.  NASA_Logo

The alliance, announced Tuesday, means that the automaker and federal space agency will be able to dish information about a variety of topics, including  engineering, radar, robotics and battery systems.

No money will exchange hands, said Nick Cappa, a Chrysler spokesman, just information. 

“The goal is to share knowledge and fill in the gaps for each other,” he said. “For example, there may be an area that Chrysler has better covered than NASA and vice versa.”

The Auburn Hills, Mich.-based car company will use the information to boost quality across its product lines, which include Dodge, Jeep and Ram.

The deal comes as part of NASA’s innovative partnerships program, in which the space agency looks to use technologies that are developed for the space program and implement them in real-world applications, NASA spokesman Josh Byerly said. The program also allows NASA to pick up and develop ideas that are non-space-related.

“We do hope that this new collaboration with Chrysler will open the door to even more collaborations,” Byerly said. “Our goal is to develop even more game-changing technologies over the short and long term, and these types of collaborations will allow us to pursue that goal."

-- W.J. Hennigan