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Facebook rolls out 'Like' button for other sites. (We're still waiting for 'Dislike.')

April 22, 2010 |  1:14 pm

At Facebook’s annual developer conference on Wednesday, I couldn’t help but think of the popular Life cereal ad campaign: “He likes it. Hey, Mikey!”

That’s because Facebook rolled out its new “Like” button for people to use on their own websites.  It displays how many visitors have clicked the button, and logged-in Facebook users can see if any of those “likers” are their friends.

The feature is borrowed from FriendFeed, the social networking service started by ex-Googlers Paul Buchheit and Bret Taylor, that was bought by Facebook. The pair -- who, by the way, seem to have very sunny dispositions -- pioneered the concept of "liking" stuff and now play prominent roles at Facebook. 

Some of the less shiny, happy people at the conference (and commenting from afar) wondered why Facebook wasn’t sprinkling “Dislike” buttons around the Web, too.

Hey, Mikey!

-- Jessica Guynn