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The uCorder camcorder is small enough to wear

March 18, 2010 | 10:01 am

Camcorder pocket

Camcorder as fashion accessory? That’s new – although the mini digital camcorder from IRes Technology Corp. looks more pocket protector than glam accessory.  

But the company appears to be aiming for convenience. You can wear the uCorder on your shirt pocket with an integrated clip or on a lanyard, which is included with the camera.

Referred to as "the modern day pen," the uCorder takes away the burden of carting around your camcorder. It could be useful if you want to capture a series of moments during a high-speed or high-intensity event (on a roller-coaster, para-gliding, bungee-jumping, race-car driving).

The IRDC150 model is 1 GB and can record up to six hours of audio and video, while the IRDC250 is 2 GB and can record up to seven hours of video.

Although the uCorder out beats most of the flip camcorders we looked at in terms of recording length (typically only one to two hours of recording time), the biggest downside is that if you choose to hold the camera, there's no screen that flips out to watch what is being recorded. 

Still, it may not be too long before we reach for a camera the same way we reach for a belt or necklace.

-- Zohreen Adamjee