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Skype says new 3G iPhone app coming 'really soon,' will have CD-quality sound

February 3, 2010 |  8:39 am

After the news last week that Apple and AT&T are now allowing VoIP apps to make phone calls over the 3G network, Skype said it's still waiting to release a new 3G-ready version of its software for the iPhone.

Today the company offered a few updates on the progress of the app, which it is apparently putting the finishes touches on and which Skype says will be available "really soon."

In a YouTube video, David Ponsford, the leader of Skype's iPhone team, said the app would have "CD-quality sound" for calls between Skype users.

He also mentioned that the app would have a red-yellow-green-coded indicator that will show users what kind of signal quality they're getting on a call in real time. 

"We want to give you as much feedback as possible about what's actually going on with your call," Ponsford said.

-- David Sarno