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On Twitter, 'GOPVdayCards' meme mixes love with partisan taunting

February 9, 2010 |  6:40 pm

Twitter-logo With Valentine's Day still the better part of a week away, online hearts are already leaping -- but this time, it's equal parts love and political enmity.

The GOPVdayCards meme on Twitter is taking off, as leftward-leaning tweeters are getting excited about mocking their fellow, conservatively inclined citizens. Some of the tweets are less PG than others, but here are a few that are moderately representative.

Let's go make a "real" birth certificate.

U did a heckuva job on my heart.

I don't really know what cloture is but I know I want it with you

You had me at Tort Reform

Roses are red, like REAL Americans.

I'd say that my heart belongs to you, but that'd be Socialism

Dear Wal-Mart, now that corporations are people, will you be my valentine?

Be mined.

My wide stance, your narrow mind! We belong in the same closet!

I don't believe in choice. We must be together.

The New York Times Editorial page is trying to keep us apart.

Will card-carrying Republicans take this lying down? Or will we see a backlash tomorrow, with Red Staters shooting love-tipped arrows back at their Blue counterparts. Hey -- red, blue -- there's got to be a rhyme in there somewhere.

-- David Sarno and Jessica Guynn