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CES: LG kicks off a day of new TVs

January 6, 2010 |  9:57 am

LG gets the dubious honor, as usual, of going first on the traditional TV news conference day at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.


And no surprise -- its main themes were Internet connectivity, 3-D TV and thinner screens, which are likely to be the three mantras throughout the day as the major manufacturers each take their turn at announcing new stuff. 

One of LG's main announcements -- that it would add Skype video calls to its online-connected TVs -- had its thunder stolen yesterday by Panasonic, which announced its Skype alliance a full day before its news conference.

LG also said it would be offering its Internet-delivered services -- also including Netflix and Accuweather -- on all of its TVs that are 32 inches in screen size and above.

In the 3-D realm, LG said its 47-inch and 55-inch sets would be enabled with the technology.

LG also said it would have a 15-inch OLED-screen TV on the market in the first half of the year. The only one out now, from Sony, is 11 inches and priced at about $2,500. It came out a couple of years ago and got a lot of attention because it's super-thin and sports a high-quality image. But other manufacturers shied away from jumping on the OLED bandwagon because of the difficulty of making larger screens at affordable prices.

No price was announced for LG's OLED set.

-- David Colker