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Apple paint-splatter invitation feeds the rumor frenzy

January 18, 2010 |  5:38 pm

With anticipation of the new Apple tablet computer -- or whatever it is -- at a fever pitch, every tiny thing the the company does is noted, analyzed and discussed with an intensity the CIA might envy.

Take the abstract, paint-splatter design on the press conference invitations that went out earlier today for the Jan. 27 introduction of the mystery product. The Mac faithful immediately started posting on the Appleinsider Internet forum as to what the design, with the bitten-apple logo in the center, could mean.

Some thought the splatter was a clue to new products. "Maybe Apple is signaling ... paint and drawing software," Addabox said. 

Some thought it was a clue to the device's name. Daddybone reasoned: "Where do we see such paint? From an artist. And what does an artist work on? A canvas. Behold: Apple's latest creation is called the Apple Canvas."

Without going through all the dubious steps, Ankm1 simply guessed iPalette.

Meanwhile, Igenius took a cosmic view, writing: "Emerging from and replacing the confusion of multiple paint splatters, Apple stands on the solid background of a calming color, shining with a simple, familiar white purity."

No wonder people don't use their real names on forums.

Rot'nApple took a more personal view: "Apple had a paint ball fight and didn't invite me?"

Perhaps the most reasoned of all was Cbsofla, who sought to calm the frenzy: "Sometimes," he wrote, "a splatter is just a splatter."

-- David Colker