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3D video without glasses - two new devices on display

October 27, 2009 |  9:02 am

The quest for a practical 3D video device that can be viewed without the glasses continues, with two heavy hitters getting into the game -- Sony and Pioneer.

The companies both had 3D devices on display at the Digital Contents Expo that just wrapped up in Tokyo, according to the TechCrunch site. Neither of the devices have much practical use at the moment, but they provide a glimpse of what 3D television could be like in the future.

The Sony device is a cylinder in which objects seem to float (the effect resembles the video screens featured in the cornball sci-fi classic movie, "Logan's Run"). Sony, according to the presentation at the expo, imagines it could be used for serious purposes, such as medical imagery, but also for keeping a virtual pet.

The Pioneer display is hooked into a PC via a USB connection. It produces images that can be somewhat controlled by touch on its 6-inch screen, or even by voice. And it's on the market, going for 49,800 yen (about $540) from a company site in Japan. No word on possible availability in the U.S.

-- David Colker