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Pre-orders for the next Mac update available now, but not at Apple.

August 3, 2009 |  6:49 pm

You can buy the next Mac OS update now, but you can't get it until September. Credit:

Hey Mac fans, get ready to shell out money for the next big thing.

No, not the fabled tablet computer that Apple rumor sites say is coming out any day now. This one is a sure thing -- an updated operating system for Mac called Snow Leopard. has begun taking orders for the OS, which is expected to be released next month. The site is perhaps the only place taking the orders -- not even Apple's online store is offering the update yet.

The price is $29, which a major bargain compared with previous updates that have cost more than $100. Apple has said Snow Leopard will be a substantial update, however, allowing Mac computers to run operations faster and more efficiently than the current OS, just plain Leopard.

By the way, the $29 update will not work if you're using an OS earlier than Leopard. In that case, you'll have to purchase a more expensive update, when available.

-- David Colker