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The ultimate iPhone case, sprinkled with gold dust

August 17, 2009 |  7:32 am

Just how much do you love your iPhone? In Japan, a set of handmade cases for the phone is being offered, each made with the application of a special lacquer and gold dust. 

The designs on the five cases were inspired by the Sengoku period, which ran from the 15th to 17th centuries in Japan. One of the cases shows the faint outline of a warrior worked into a glossy black surface. Another shows ocean waves, birds and a stylized moon in the manner of woodcuts, and a couple of others include the kind of flower-inspired designs you see in rich fabrics.

As reported on the Crunchgear site, each case -- which takes nearly a month to produce -- comes with a soft pouch and a booklet that puts the design in a historic context. 

Oh, and the price: $1,000 each.

-- David Colker

Photo: Designs of the handmade iPhone cases were inspired by the Japanese Sengoku period. Credit: Southbank