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Gadgets that used to be cutting-edge

August 31, 2009 |  8:29 pm

43901135 Funny thing about technology: It's only new for a short while. Then, what was once the hottest gadget on the block begins to look like something you'd find in the corner of a barn.

Our friends at the Chicago Tribune posted a cool retrospective photo gallery called "High-tech once upon a time." The page contains 13 black-and-white shots of the coolest gadgets from yesteryear.

For example, check out the "miniature" camcorder from 1986, pictured to the right. Not so small when you put it next to a Flip Cam.  (And is that guy wearing overalls?)

Or Sony's Video Walkman -- retro, yes, but we think we'll stick with the iPod Touch.

Gear-heads should take a moment to pay their respects to their elder gadgets. After all, we'd probably have no DVDs or Blu-rays without Ken Ingram's Magnavox video disc player.

Not that those will be around much longer, either.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: Tribune archive