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iTunes App Store turns 1; cast ballots here for your favorite apps

July 14, 2009 | 12:44 pm

IPhone App Screen

iPhone screenshot from marcopako via Flickr.

Apple this morning said its iTunes store has served up more than 1.5 billion apps, those snack-sized pieces of software for the iPhone or iPod Touches that do all sorts of random things.

Since launching the App Store exactly a year ago, more than 100,000 developers have been busy cranking out a mind-bending 65,000 apps on the site. Some are useful (GPS apps that help the navigationally challenged, for example). Others are amusing (witness the explosion of games, a select list of which appears here from What They Play). Some unleash our inner artist. A handful are offensive, including the controversial Baby Shaker app. And some are just inane. Remember the $1,000 app that did absolutely nothing?

To celebrate this cornucopia of apps, we'd like to invite you to nominate your faves. Cast your votes in the comment box below, and at the end of the week, we'll publish the list of winners. Here are the categories:

  • Most useful app
  • Most useless app
  • Best game
  • Wackiest app
  • Worst crApp ever
  • Best news app
  • Best time waster
  • Best free app
  • Best paid app
  • App most likely to impress your friends at a party

-- Alex Pham and Michelle Maltais