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Dana Carvey recounts recent chat with George H.W. Bush

June 3, 2009 | 12:50 pm

On last Sunday's monstrously long (but repeatedly funny) episode of "Kevin Pollak's Chat Show," guest Dana Carvey spent part of his 90-minute interview telling Pollak about the time a few months ago when he was hanging out with former President George H.W. Bush after a benefit. 

"It was very human, really opening up," Carvey said of the hotel room conversation, for which Barbara Bush also was present.

Carvey catapulted to mega-fame on "Saturday Night Live" after he began doing impressions of the first President Bush more than 20 years ago.  After that, the president and the comedian became -- and have remained -- good friends. 

The following excerpt of Pollak's entertaining interview with Carvey contains a couple of quotes from Bush Sr. that, if Carvey is relaying them accurately, are more than a little funny.

-- David Sarno