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Around the Web 5.8.09: Apple-Google antitrust, Nokia app store, Obama on Kindle

May 8, 2009 | 10:11 am

Are they CDs or DVDs? The RealNetworks judge can probably tell the difference. Credit: mutednarayan via Flickr

-- The Kindle's text-to-speech component mispronounces "Barack Obama." NYT

-- To help cut high school education costs, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is investing the state of California in an open-source digital textbook program. Ars Technica

-- It's legal to rip a CD to your hard drive, but not a DVD. Why? The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Threat Level

-- Despite Microsoft's warnings about the perils of open-source software, its Kumo search team takes advantage of open-source solutions. CNET

-- There is a vague antitrust inquiry into Google and Apple's common board members, which arguably lessens their competition in mobile. LAT

-- Nokia's mobile applications store will open with 20,000 apps. Considering it's the largest handset maker, this could be serious. Forbes

-- Facebook debuts its Windows Mobile app, and it's sharp, though late. CNET

-- Chris Lesinski