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Around the Web 5.4.09: Big-screen Kindle, turnover at Valleywag, BlackBerry Curve dominance

May 4, 2009 |  7:10 am
Precision Dynamics Vice President Robin Barber shows off high-tech wristbands. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

-- Can Kindle save the newspaper industry? A big-screen version of the device, designed for newspapers, magazines and textbooks, is reportedly due out Wednesday. NYT via MediaMemo

-- Why it won't save the newspaper industry. TechCrunch

-- Owen Thomas is leaving Valleywag. The people he has tormented rejoice. Gawker

-- Consumers bought more BlackBerry Curves than iPhones in the first quarter. Silicon Alley Insider

-- In theme parks, microchips turn colorful wristbands into admission passes, cashless debit cards, hotel room keys and a form of identification to reunite lost kids with parents. LAT

-- But do they get stock grants? Visiting with Google's goat herd. TechCrunch

-- Just convicted in Sweden of assisting copyright infringement, the Pirate Bay founders could soon face similar charges in Italy. IDG via CIO

-- What the Trend explains why things are hot on Twitter. TechCrunch

-- Venture capitalist Fred Wilson: There are some good companies out there waiting to go public, and the IPO market will start opening by the end of the year. A VC

-- Sprint Nextel posted a big quarterly loss and is reportedly in late-stage talks to outsource its cellular network to Ericsson to save money. CNet and MocoNews

-- Chris Gaither