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Around the Web 5.18.09: OpenTable's IPO, the Internet's secret passwords, Twitter and small businesses

May 18, 2009 |  8:39 am

Food from the Kogi BBQ truck is sold with the help of Twitter. Credit: via Flickr

-- Those "secret questions" you answer to help you remember the password to your 8 million Internet accounts might not be so secret after all. Technology Review

-- New phones and operating systems have cellphone makers hoping for a big summer. NYT

-- Small businesses that use Twitter often have good results, boosting daily sales at one pizza joint 15%. Ad Age

-- Facebook apps might make more money than Facebook in 2009. Silicon Alley Insider

-- OpenTable goes public this week, in one of the first Silicon Valley IPOs in a loooong time. BoomTown

-- People spend more time on social networks than they do e-mailing. NYT

-- Soldiers are using online dating sites to meet members of the opposite sex, sometimes while stationed abroad. USA Today

-- Workers at Chinese search engine Baidu decide to end a strike for now. PaidContent

-- Google's Eric Schmidt gave the commencement address at Carnegie Mellon on Sunday. TechCrunch

-- The San Francisco Giants are experimenting with a site that changes the prices of tickets based on demand. NYT

-- Alana Semuels