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Around the Web 4.24.09: GeoCities shutting down, YouTube gets real time and Windows 7 gets leaked

April 24, 2009 | 11:42 am
Geocities was only a few hipsters away from a kitschy revival, but Yahoo is no longer accepting new accounts. Credit: screenshot via Yahoo Geocities

-- In 1999, Yahoo paid $3 billion for GeoCities, a free homepage hosting service. Yahoo will close it down later this year. Bloomberg News via LAT

-- RealNetworks wants to release software that allows easy ripping of DVDs but Hollywood studios are taking the company to court. NYT

-- A study by LexisNexis shows the technology gap between generations in the workplace. ReadWriteWeb

-- YouTube launched a real-time feature which lets users see what friends are watching, live. paidContent

-- The Conficker virus infected critical hospital equipment. CNET

-- Twitter's numbers continue to grow, clocks 19 million visitors in March, says ComScore. TechCrunch

-- Obama's hyper-secure BlackBerry 8830 will be ready in the next few months. The NSA is fretting over its encryption software.  The Washington Times

-- The Windows 7 release candidate is leaking all over torrent sites today. CNet

-- Netflix saw huge growth in Q1 -- a 70% swell in profit -- though analysts expected more. LAT

-- Chris Lesinski