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Around the Web 4.2.09: Facebook IPO speculation, Twitter redesign, jail-broken iPhone app stores

April 2, 2009 | 10:12 am

Barack and Michelle Obama with Queen Elizabeth II. Doesn't she look like she needs an iPod? Credit: John Stillwell / Associated Press

-- As its old CFO steps out, Facebook seems to be trying to find a replacement who can help it go public. The Guardian

-- Hulu continues making it difficult for third parties (like Boxee) to take its content by encrypting its HTML. Engadget

-- Apple finally does something about jail-broken iPhone app stores by adding a clause to its terms and conditions for the iPhone software developers' kit. Ars Technica

-- Palm released another video of the Pre doing its thing. This time, Palm focused on third-party applications like Fandango and Pandora. Gizmodo

-- Amazon launched Hadoop, another cloud computing service. This one makes Google-sized data crunching possible for the little guys. Between the Lines

-- The EU gives a "last chance" warning -- threatening to intervene and regulate data privacy -- unless companies like Facebook become more transparent. Ars Technica

-- President Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II an iPod, loaded with pictures and video from one of her visits to the U.S. Her Majesty gave Obama a lame analog picture frame. LAT

-- Microsoft Office may be coming to the iPhone. PC World

-- A Twitter redesign will focus on a search function being called the "discovery engine." TechCrunch

-- Chris Lesinski