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Around the Web 4.16.09: Zune HD rumors, Skype's value, the Net tax debate

April 16, 2009 | 11:52 am
Carnegie Hall will serve up YouTube-selected musicians in real life. Credit: matchity via Flickr

-- EBay is trying to take over South Korea's Gmarket, a huge online retailer. Reuters via NYT

-- Nokia's profit dropped 90% in the first quarter. Ouch. CNET

-- YouTube Symphony will bring together 93 user-selected musicians to play in Carnegie Hall. Some 15 million viewers participated in the talent search. Associated Press via LAT

-- IBM is still dancing around the idea of buying Sun Microsystems. It sounds like talks could get serious again. TechCrunch

-- In several states, legislation taxing Internet sales is being proposed. Among politicians, it's still up for debate. CNET

-- Here's a rundown of the last 18 months in netbooks, just in case the ultra-small/cheap laptop craze hit faster than you could keep up with. PC World

-- The new Zune HD could give the iTouch a run for its money. Rumored features: a multi-touch OLED screen, TV out port, wireless syncing and possibly even support for Xbox games. PC World

-- called the DiggBar invasive, and SEO experts have seen it hurt websites' rankings on Google. Changes will disable the DiggBar altogether for those who aren't regular users. Digg Blog

-- EBay said this week it would take Skype public. Four analysts chime in about how much it's worth -- certainly more than $1 billion.

-- Chris Lesinski