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Around the Web 4.13.09: Twitter worms spread, Steve Jobs still working, Facebook

April 13, 2009 |  9:05 am
Deadliest Datch
Ads for "Deadliest Catch" will be all over Microsoft properties after a seven-figure ad deal. Credit: Discovery Channel

-- Two worms are spreading on Twitter, leaving unwanted messages. A Brooklyn teen says he did it because he was bored. BNO News

-- Working from home? Steve Jobs is apparently still helping to run Apple, including work on the company's netbook project. WSJ via VentureBeat

-- Books with gay and lesbian themes were pulled from's sales rankings over the weekend. Amazon blamed a "glitch." Jacket Copy

-- Microsoft beat Google and Yahoo to land a seven-figure ad deal to promote Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" series on TV, the Web, cellphones and video games. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Fox and movie theater owners are squabbling over who should pay for 3-D glasses. USA Today

-- Intel's profit report Tuesday should set the tone for tech earnings. Mercury News

-- The Skype founders seem to have a decent shot at buying back the service from EBay. GigaOm

-- Is Facebook responsible for a lower GPA? Or are people with lower GPAs just on Facebook more? CNet

-- Why Google isn't really the middleman for news. TechCrunch

-- Chris Gaither