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Around the Web 4.01.09: Blackberry's App store, Google's April Fool's joke, Conficker's new stage

April 1, 2009 |  9:24 am
Gmail's take on April  Fool's.

-- Gmail introduces an autopilot response that can reply to romantic messages and those pesky Nigerians. NOT. (It’s Google’s joke for April Fool’s). Gmail

--  Other tech April Fools Day jokes are even wonkier. TechCrunch

-- Is online video service Veoh cutting staff? VentureBeat

-- RIM announces the Blackberry App store, as expected, at a wireless trade show today. But if you have a device with a wheel instead of a track ball, you’re out of luck. PC Mag

-- Zillow, the online real estate site, is partnering with newspapers to help them raise cash. Bits

-- The Conficker worm enters a new phase today, ramping up attempts to steal identities. AP via USA Today

-- Time Warner is rolling out bandwith caps and overage charges in more markets, meaning if you use a lot of bandwith (hello gamers) you might have to pay more. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Former AOL Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Miller will manage digital strategy for News Corp. Reuters via Wash Post

-- HP and other computer makers are looking to use Android software rather than Microsoft on some small computers. WSJ

-- It's no joke: Steve Wozniak gets booted off "Dancing With the Stars," despite wearing a boa. Silicon Alley Insider

-- Alana Semuels